GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

35 Detox Ingredients, 8 Alkalizing Greens, 12 Multivitamin & Nutrition, 14 digestive herbs etc Mix of 6 Super Health Blends for Immunity, Detox, Nutrition and Health

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Powerful scoop of delicious & high quality immunity supergreens to fuel immunity and crazy lifestyle. Trusted by health pro and healthcare professionals Loaded with 50+ vegetables & Fruits with superfoods, select herbs, super greens. It gives the high nutrition immunity boost with well researched and scientifically designed formula by CMIRD. Great for Body detoxification, better digestion, improved metabolism, immunity boost, cardiac health and increased energy & stamina.
  • Complete plant based 100% natural tasty (added fruit) herbal drink for all age group.
  • Gives your daily dose of greens and helps you maintain your daily vital nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
  • Super Detox & Cleanse for Weight Management and Anti-aging.
  • Formulated by CMIRD and manufactured at the state of the art facility with WHO-GMP and HACCP.
  • Suitable for all age group, GoYNG Super food Greens is a perfect daily health drink for entire family.
  • Due to delicious Fruits it is tasty option to take everyday
  • No fillers no chemicals
  • Trusted by doctors and healthcare professionals

Alkalising Greens

Digestive Blend

Immunity Blend

Lipid Heart Health

Memory Blend

Multivitamin & Nutrition Blend

Total Health

Sugar FREE

Natural Product







Wheat grass

Basil Leaves

Mint Lemon






Orange Peel





Jamun Cumin Fibre


Dill (Anethum graveolens)




Amalaki (amla)

Bibhitaki (baheda)

Haritaki (Harad)

Chicory root fibre

flax seeds

Psylium husk

Black Salt

Pink Salt Energy & Vitality Blend Ashwagandha






Ginger Arjuna Chaal





Fennel seed Memory & Alertness Blend Brahmi



Green Tea


Rose Petals



Why GoYNG Superfood ?

  • Special formulation of 20 immunity boosters, 35 Detox ingredients, 8 Alakalising greens, 12 Multivitamins & 14 digestive herbs 2. Real fruits & Vegetables extract used 3. Rarely available superfood which is so delicious 4. No fillers, No preservatives only natural extracts 5. No bloating, no side effects, safe for all ages

Real Ingredients Real Results

GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

Detox Ingredients

Because everyday you are collecting toxins though junk food and pollutions
GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

Alkalising Greens

Maintains pH Balance of your body because in most of diseases thrive in acidic environment
GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

Immunity Ingredients

To save you from daily attack of bacteria, viruses and infections
GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)

Multivitamin & Nutrition

Because you donot take balanced diet with right portions of vitamins & minerals
GoYNG Sx Superfood 50+ Greens & Fruits (With Chlorella Spirulina)


Have questions? Refer to a comprehensive list of queries below.

Taking Vitamin Supplements definitely boost up the vitamins you lack during consumption and few months. But Mom and dad were right when they told you to eat your fruits, vegetables & herbs. Studies show that people who eat a lot of them get sick less. This is what is combined here in Superfood Greens, Fruits & Herbs

You. Because you are busy and ignoring health. If you are professional or busy parent multitasking at home ignoring self care - you desperately need good balanced food to stay healthy and live healthy. Have noticed earlier generation remaining healthy ? it is because they had good food, sleep and healthy lifestyle. From Student to seniors - we lack it now. GoYNG superfood fills the gap of REAL greens & vegetables

There is no Sugar added and have natural preservatives. Ayurvedic approved formulation manufactured at GMP certified factory. Safe for anyone. You may consult our wellness coach for more detail or consult your medical practitioner sharing product label

200 ml water, 2 scoops (20gm) in warm water. Stir have anytime of the day. Give to Children and Seniors. The pack is of 300g powder

No fillers. No cheap materials used as FILLERS. Tested by third party lab. Created by Nutritionists & food specialists. Have Ayurvedic approval. Trusted by Millions. Tastes great so that you can gulp it and look for another pack. Bioavailability is addressed. If the product isn’t being absorbed in your body, then you’re not the getting the benefits you paid for.

Our immune system creates, stores, and distributes the white blood cells that fight bacteria and viruses that enter your body, especially during cold and flu season. Immunity system needs NUTRITION to every cell which we lack due to binge eating and hectic lifestyle & lack of sleep. So this is really convenient to boost up Nutrition through GoYNG Sueperfood

This is not a medicine or chemical to give sudden results. One must take 3 packs in a row to get significant results can continue after that without any issues

It has awesome combination of Ajwain, Jeera, Amla, lemon and fruits for Detox & weight loss

This product is safe for all. It is sugar Free and no chemicals are added. All ingredients and end products have passed through stringent quality parameters. Please take doctor's advise if you have specific medical issue or allergies.

Only Natural and high quality ingredients. Has absolutely no side effect.

Natural products slowly corrects your system and gives permanent result. No chemicals are used here for SUDDEN results. Visible results will vary from 1st week to 4th week as per your body type and cimplication. You can continue for as long as you want to 5-6 months for consistent results

This is not a medicine. It has multiple benefits. from minimum 3 packs to lifelong you can use. For any special medical complications you must ask your doctor before using this.

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