GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)

Easy & Effective advanced cleansing & weight loss formula Ingredients like Amla fibre, Piperine gives power booster immunity Contains more than 11 powerful ingredients like Amla fibre, Cuminum cyminum, Commiphora mukul, Plumbago zeylonica, Carom seed, Guggul, Mulethi, Piperine etc.

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Market is flooded with Weight Management Supplements and Slimming products with big claims and using harmful chemicals for sudden weight loss claims. GoYNG Slim & Detox works with age old Ayurvedic ingredients to CLEAN UP Digestive system within few days. The visible result is controlled weight, relieve from constipation and bowel issue, glowing skin, healthy hair and more

  • Clean digestion system with colon cleansing effect to make you feel lighter in a week
  • Relief from acidity, gas, bloating, stomach discomfort
  • Body Detox and one way gradual loss without side effects
  • GoYNG Slim & Detox has authentic high quality roots and fibers, fruits and flowers - all known for ONLY BENEFITS and reducing weight and good for belly fat

Natural Ingredients

Detox & Cleansing

Fat Burner

Constipation Relief

Gradual Weight Reduction

All Natural Ingredients

Keeps Energetic

Beauty & Slimming

High Quality Extracts


Phyllanthus emblicafiber extract

Liquorice Root Powder

Plumbago zeylanica



Terminalia Chebula

Natural Extract Herbs

Black Slat

Rock Salt

Ginger Dried Rhizome

Vitamin- C

Cumin Extract


Natural Fibers


Why GoYNG Slim Detox ?

  • Advanced & holistic formulation with chosen natural extracts to cleanse colon

  • Detox formula which works wonder for weight loss & overall health

  • Unique product which reduces weight and promotes digestive wellness

  • Acts on colon cleansing, and helps eliminate waste & toxins.

  • All Natural and safe for all product packed at GMP certified Manufacturer

  • Redues weight which does not come back again once not consuming it.

  • Unique certified formulation certified by CMIRD ISO certified

  • Natural supplements, no side effects

  • No sugar, safe for all

Real Ingredients Real Results

GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)

Natural Weight Loss powder

Loaded with effective herbs, fruit extracts for weight loss.

GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)

Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals

Vit C, Vit D, Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Vit B complex.

GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)

Metabolism Enhancer Ingredients

Preventing the deposition of fatty acids into organs & muscles.

GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)

Quality Sourcing of Ingredients

High quality certified ingredients only. No fillers

GoYNG Sx Slim & Detox (Healthy weight Loss & colon cleansing formula)


Have questions? Refer to a comprehensive list of queries below.

Slim & Detox is an amazing natural formula that improves digestive system, improves bowel movement and clears bowel everyday. After a month of daily use, visible result is definite. This is not a chemical or steroid formula for sudden weight loss where you get the weight back in few months. GoYNG Slim & Detox works gradually and steadily and most people lost over 10 kilos .

Absolutely not. Slim & Detox tastes like jeera water with a a little sourness due to amla fibres. For optimum results consume as per direction and combine with healthy lifestyle and 30 mins exercise everyday.

Take as per instruction on container and mentioned here as 2 scoops in warm water daily. Exceed dose will not harm but will not give extra result .

Slim & Detox has absolutely no side effect. You can continue for as long as you want to 5-6 months for consistent results.

Slim & Detox has more than 20 herbs which works as metabolism booster and fat burners. Evert ingredient is gold standard and approved by Ayurveda. It actually cleans bowel, works on acidic nature of body ( due to continuous acidic food we have like junk foods, oily foods etc). It removes toxins and gives energy through herbs.

Slim & Detox can be used by anyone above 13 years. It also works for hair loss, digestion issues and improve metabolism. Slim & Detox is entirely safe to consume in recommended and controlled doses.

Most users got benefit in 5 days as they started feeling light due to clean digestive system, acidity gone and no bloating.

Slim & Detox is safe for diabetic people and people having other complication, it is sugar free and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Not a minute amount of chemicals and the preservatives are minimum ( no chemicals). Still we recommend to check with your physician in case you feel your health complications are serious in nature.

This product is safe for all. It is sugar Free and no chemicals are added. All ingredients and end products have passed through stringent quality parameters. Please take doctor's advise if you have specific medical issue or allergies.

Natural products slowly corrects your system and gives permanent result. No chemicals are used here for SUDDEN results. Visible results will vary from 1st week to 4th week as per your body type and cimplication. You can continue for as long as you want to 5-6 months for consistent results

This is not a medicine. It has multiple benefits. from minimum 3 packs to lifelong you can use. For any special medical complications you must ask your doctor before using this.

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